Spinning and Circus stuff..

In an attempt to not inflict my new obsessions on the rest of the world, I’ve tucked it away here. As you can see, for some reason I really enjoy spinning – (controlled) physical freedom? I’m not sure, but I can’t seem to get any of this out of my head.

June Spinning and Circus

In a couple of months I’ll have been doing aerial and skating for about a year. They compete with each other. All the things I like seem to do that and have binned off climbing – though seriously useful for building strength early on – but the circus and skating stuff is much more a competition (if any) with yourself. And for me it’s much more playful. I used writing for expression, to enjoy that sense of creation, and I think these new physical things are other ways to do that. Especially when you add spinning into the equation, in particular on the hoop, it becomes much more like dancing. Pole is similar, you build the foundations, learn some basic tricks, but it’s nice also to put on a slow song and dance. It often looks accidentally hookerish.

Anyway, no public pole pictures unless fully clothed (which is tricky) but here are some spins I’ve been playing with in June.

Went to Circus Zyair last week in Rochdale, of all the glam. The kiddy bits were a little awkward but it was nice eyeing up the rigging to see what they would bring on. There were straps, a double pole act (not Chinese pole so not sure what it was), cloud volante and hoop. It was cool, as you can see…

I quite like trying to do something on the hoop that matches music, but need to get better at that obviously. This is John Grant’s Glacier, which is incredible.


In August I went to Gravity Circus Centre for an intensive summer school. That was fun! Handstands and trapeze, silks, rope, drops, rolls, not any spinning though working on lots more leg lifts (for core) and beats to make everything more dynamic and I guess (what I’d like) to start preparing towards more impressive drops etc. I managed some spinning on a counterweight workshop at All or Nothing Aerial Dance after watching Occam’s Razor be beautiful and amazing at the Edinburgh Fringe. This show is still on – please go. (Can never spell this though). Bought a rope to practice climbs. Suspect my neighbours think am potty. Oh well.

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