The Sea Inside Me 

(Unthank Books, 2019)

sea inside me

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English Language, literature and Creative Writing

Sarah Dobbs (ed), Cath Nichols, Devon Campbell-Hall, Val Jessop, Terry McDonough

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Killing Daniel (novel)

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Killing Daniel


In Manchester Fleur is drifting through life haunted by her murdered boyfriend Daniel.

In Japan Chinatsu is trying to escape a passionless marriage to Yugi Hamogoshi, a man with a secret who won’t let her go.
Fleur and Chinatsu used to be schoolfriends.
Fleur and Chinatsu had a bond.
Fleur and Chinatsu had dreams.
This is the story of what happens before they can be together again

KILLING DANIEL is an assured debut novel from a young writer who sets parallel worlds in motion and burns them into the reader’s imagination. Possessing an authentic narrative voice and impressive imaginative range, she is as much at home in Tokyo as in the post-industrial North West of England where her story begins. Her writing is economical, poetic, and darkly evocative; perfectly honed to explore the violence and retribution that underpins human affairs in her work, whilst also sustaining a tenuous but unbreakable thread of hope.


Unthology #3

Red Room (ed) AJ Ashworth

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This is a collection of stories inspired by the Brontes. Writers include Tania Hershman, Simon Armitage, Vanessa Gebbie, David Constantine, Elizabeth Baines, Carys Davies, Felicity Skelton and me.

Mine’s called Behind all the Closed Doors.


Here’s a lovely review from Sabotage.


Unthology #3 by Unthank Books – PRE-ORDER HERE

Eighteen stories describe sticky predicaments, testing choices and reluctant confessions: a publisher surveys the changing literary scene as an age-old mob war he’s losing; a man finds himself trapped by his own perfectionism in a forbidding meat-processing factory; a strange black monolith appears in a back garden somewhere in the north of England. Lit-up tales for dark times:

David Rose, Sandra Jensen, Sarah Dobbs, Mischa Hiller, Gordon Collins, Ian Chung, Sharon Zink, Ashley Stokes, Angela Readman, CD Rose, AJ Ashworth, John Nicholson, Philip Langeskov, Debz Hobbs-Wyatt, Charlie Wilkinson, Sarah Evans, Tim Mitchell.

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