No, not a PPS on the end of your girl messages in high school (And PS I hate you and PPS so does Jonny!) Poetry Prose and Script.

I’ve been doing a bit of all of these things and some of them seem to be going alright. That’s quite nice. And useful.

I went to do a reading at Lancaster’s Waterstones with super-author Dennison Smith. I love the inappropriate aunt. Get Eye of the Day and see what I mean.

We’re running Sunderland’s first Slam! (one of many we hope) – a night of poetry and performance at the excellent Holmeside Coffee on March 9th. There’ll be music and a bar, so that’s a couple of things you generally want for a good night out. If you’d like to be on the waitlist (the open mic is full already) just send me a lovely message (sarah.dobbs@sunderland.ac.uk) and twill be done.

Please come (it’s free)! Here’s our Facebook group:


I keep telling my students – you must record yourself, you must read, your must perform, you must try out your words in your mouth and on your voice and that. And this is only the second video I’ve done but anyway, following own advice.


Do, think, write.



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