New writing workshops, Serendipitea, Chorlton

Cake! And writing. Come along to our new creative writing workshops at Serendipitea, Chorlton.

photo photo1 photo3

These workshops are cheaper than our city centre ones, to allow you to indulge in their lovely offer of a pot of tea and cake for £3.95. We’ll be doing lots of writing exercises, lots of feedback and lots of chatting. Hope to see you there.

To book a place, join and RSVP at our writing group here:


2 thoughts on “New writing workshops, Serendipitea, Chorlton

  1. Hi will you be doing any more work shops at seredepitea come the new year? If so could I have some more information on the classes please?

    Many thanks


    • Hi Helen, I would have loved to, it’s such a lovely place but I’m relocating to the north east in a few weeks. Sarah Logan runs some sessions in Manchester city centre, if you Google her 🙂

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