Can you teach Creative Writing? *Course offer*

Here’s my Bookbrunch article, which suggests that I think you can – what do you think?


Can you Teach Creative Writing? – article 

In connection to that, there’s now only 2 places left on our next How to: Write a Novel course. It’s a 12 week course that helps you start or continue your own novel, with intensive peer and tutor feedback.

To fill the last 2 spots, it’s on offer for £175 (half-price) – aren’t we nice?

You can find out more about the course and book here:.


Everyone’s got a novel in them… have you? So what’s the difference between novels that languish in dusty drawers and those in the Waterstones display window? For most, the answer is study, perseverance and a helping hand.

This 3 month online course aims to equip you with the things every novelist needs: The idea, the ability and the guidance.




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