Team Charlotte?

Carys Davies poses an interesting theory. You’re either Charlotte or Emily. Brontes, that is. Do you side with the aching plain Jane, or crave the tortured passion of Cathy and Heathcliffe? Maybe Red Room (ed by AJ Ashworth who made it all happen) will change your mind!

Throwing new light on the fictions that introduced many of us to reading and words we needed to look up, Red Room humour, pathos and contemporary reflections on the sisters’ work.

(That’s the only bit of me in my story, Behind all the Closed Doors, by the way, where the young boy is checking words in a dictionary – there’s always something, right?)

Carys’ story Bonnet gets me every time I read or hear it and in this Lancashire Launch of Red Room I also got to hear Elizabeth Baines reading her whole piece, That Turbulent Stillness – and the ending fishtails nicely.

We had a lovely welcome from Blackburn library and it was great to see a new generation of Bronte Lover in her Wuthering Heights t-shirt (the wearer is not Team Emily I don’t think, having heard her talk about it afterwards). Lots of books were bought which happily helps the Bronte Trust.

You can get Red Room here. Published by Unthank Books.

Now, lots of lovely photos below, courtesy of Darren Lee Poole.















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