Project U 2 (not the band)

So Unthology 4 and Red Room were launched on 7 November. I had a ‘nice’ drive down to Norwich to celebrate and do a little reading alongside some of the other wonderful writers in the collections.



It was brilliant to finally meet some writers whose work I already knew – Sarah Bower who is jetting off somewhere special to complete her third novel and Rowena Macdonald whose collection Smoked Meat was short listed for the Edge Hill prize. Both great stories too in Unthology 4 and Red Room respectively. Sarah’s spanning a whole lifetime of a marriage and Rowena’s updating the friendship between Ginevre Fanshawe and her tutor. Hilariously delivered. I also really enjoyed Ruby Cowling’s story with its lovely ending – I won’t spoil it. Turns out Ruby used to be my manager at AQA and has a file on me. (Not really) Yet evidence of small world syndrome.

Then there were writers who were celebrating first time publication. One of my favourites was Marc Jones’ story Murder of Crows. Compelling and quietly written – I need to finish.

Red Room and Unthology 4 are out now. Submissions are being accepted for Unthology 6. See






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