Red Room – collection of stories inspired by the Brontes

I bought my first Bronte book from the Works shop in Wigan galleries (the quiet side) when I was about eleven, I think. It was a collection of novels in one. Thick grey door wodge. Jane Eyre, Villette, The Professor. I wrote down all the words I didn’t know and learned how to speak, I thought, ‘proper’.

I’ve learned that there are still Bronte books I haven’t read.

So it’s quite nice to be in this, Red Room. A collection of stories inspired by the Brontes and their work. It has a great cover and great work within (have read the proof). It’s out in November by Unthank Books, edited by AJ Ashworth. And here’s a first glimpse.Image


Writers: Elizabeth Baines, Bill Broady, David Constantine, Carys Davies, Sarah Dobbs, Vanessa Gebbie, Tania Hershman, Zoe King, Rowena Macdonald, Alison Moore, David Rose, Felicity Skelton and a poem by Simon Armitage.