someone mentioned I was 33 and I realised it was true


On an unrelated manner, I hid the Jog Blog because it was far too stressful. I’ve discovered a few things about this jogging malarkey, however. One, I’m more competitive with myself than I thought. Two, I prefer jogging alone. Three, jogging alone can result in mad arguments with self that often start with no one would know if…

you stopped every couple of minutes

you just went home

you walked the whole way instead

Except me. I would know. Hm. So why am I doing it? It’s for guide dogs and the Manchester 10k – you can sponsor me if you like here. (There’s a text one that lets you do a quid.)

Other stuff. Reading some lovely stories and collections for the Edge Hill Short Story Prize. Read one in Cynthia Rogerson’s ‘Stepping Out’ in particular that provided a startling realisation for the children in the story (that they were now without their mother). Finally getting round to paying people back for being so kind about Killing Daniel. People have taken the time to review and give ratings and spread the word and I’m making a big March effort to get my thoughts down about all the books I’ve been hoarding.

A couple of friends have had some great news. Debz Hobbs-Wyatt’s novel is getting published by Parthian and someone else I can’t mention something else about is happy right now. Fingers crossed. Felt really happy and also justified in some way, knowing that it really can all be about the slog. That slog will pay off, one day. So many people in the last few weeks are proof positive of that. Write, work and it will happen. Well done ladies 🙂 I also have some nice news that I can’t yet mention…

What else, issue #12 of the SWAMP journal is up. It’s based out of Newcastle University, Australia and for CW postgrads. Got a submission for them? I guest-edited this one which is nice, given they published ‘Wonderland’ a while ago.

I also went back to Salford Uni this month to give a reading and talk about Unthank Books. Spotted some familiar faces on campus and felt, well, just a tiny bit proud. (First time round at Salford/uni did not go well for me).

If you missed the interview I did with those lovely people at Phoenix FM, Gaia Holmes and William Thirsk-Gaskill, you can listen again here

I’ll leave you with a semi-ridiculous question – jogging makes your boobs bigger? Fact/fiction?

PS Maybe moving to Wales to live by the beach with a dog named Granville.



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