A week to be (un)thankful for…?

This is a huge shout out to the www, cupped hands, belting from my belly. Why? This week has seen the shortlists of two huge short story prizes and Unthank (my publisher) have published authors on both of em. CD Rose for the Times EFG and Angela Readman for the Costa Short Story prize. You can read more about the Costa finalists, including Angela, here.

In addition, Unthank have just announced that they’re publishing Sharonville, Sharon Zink’s debut novel. Warm loveliness to the writers and a big yay to everyone and Unthank. They’ve been bloody brave, stuck by their literary morals and published what they loved.

Fingers crossed for everyone and congratulations Sharon!

p.s. and the week before (ish) AJ Ashworth won a society of authors award.


Collective Unconscious – Dark Skies

I went to the Dark Skies exhibition recently as a guest author. It was running at Worcester Art Gallery before Christmas. The pictures below are mainly for those who didn’t manage to get down to the exhibition, but who will be in the anthology. And also to record a bloody good experience.

A curious, interesting experience that made me think about my own awareness and boundaries, as a person, a writer and a teacher. The company behind this exhibition, Collective Unconscious, has put on a variety of boundary-pushing events, including the Fools Ball last year. They’re open to collaborations and will have new opportunities soon.






There’ll be an anthology out of works written in response to the brief. More news about that soon.

Happy new year

It’s 2013 and though everything feels quite familiar – the crazy new year marking zone in which I go bug-eyed and forget to shampoo – some things have changed.

This time last year I’d found out that Killing Daniel was going to get published but still wasn’t out there. Now it is. There’s been two launches (one freezing both attended in dresses and with thanks to all the people who made them merry). There’s been all sorts of faffery with Amazon and the distributor, making getting hold of the actual book actually tricksome. But still, this will be fixed soon and it is still available in ebook, on Book Depository, ibooks and all that. Oh, and also from the publisher. There’s about to be a new, shiny on-line Unthank shop too, I’m told. This is good.

New readings upcoming this year, more details soon. One of which sees me returning to Wigan, where all the disgruntlement and grit that made me a writer began…

I’m a guest editor for the Australian journal SWAMP. Reading submissions for the next issue as we speak (well, not quite).

And John Rutter named Killing Daniel as one of his books of the year. Lovely.

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Killing Daniel