Out Now! – (plus freebie)

Given that it’s been such a long process, ‘out now’ feels like it’s been A Long Time Coming.

But yes, Killing Daniel is, in fact, OUT NOW.

To celebrate, I’m giving away a nice, shiny copy of the novel to the first person picked out of the hat (Tesco carrier bag) at midnight (well, 12.01). To enter, simply reblog this post or follow me on Twitter @sarahjanedobbs and RT this status:

Killing Daniel @UnthankBooks is out now! Win a shiny signed copy by RTing between now & midnight. Good luck! http://goo.gl/jaTPM

Good luck! And thanks to everyone who has shared and supported us so far!



UPDATE: 6/11/12 (just)

Thanks to everyone who entered the @KillingDaniel competition. We had about 50 entries, excluding my mum. The winner was… dun dun DUN @great_tea.

The publishers have very kindly said that everyone who did enter is allowed the book at 23% off. I know this because I asked my brother how to calculate the figures and he’s a genius. Anyway, that’s good. Killing Daniel for a tenner, plus free postage.

To get it for this price, you need to buy direct from the publishers:


Simply email information@unthankbooks.com with your order and mention that you entered the  competition… I’ll back you up!



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