Unthology #3 (and other stories of other stories)


Unthology #3 by Unthank Books – pre-order here

Eighteen stories describe sticky predicaments, testing choices and reluctant confessions: a publisher surveys the changing literary scene as an age-old mob war he’s losing; a man finds himself trapped by his own perfectionism in a forbidding meat-processing factory; a strange black monolith appears in a back garden somewhere in the north of England. Lit-up tales for dark times:

David Rose, Sandra Jensen, Sarah Dobbs, Mischa Hiller, Gordon Collins, Ian Chung, Sharon Zink, Ashley Stokes, Angela Readman, CD Rose, AJ Ashworth, John Nicholson, Philip Langeskov, Debz Hobbs-Wyatt, Charlie Wilkinson, Sarah Evans, Tim Mitchell.

Cover by Jenny Swindells

Who knew September would be such an exciting story month? I’ve just seen the cover for Unthology #3, which my story Hachiko is in. There’s some pretty brilliant writers between those covers too.

Drifting, Softening, Gone, a piece of micro-fiction was published by StepAway Magazine on 21st.


Look was accepted by Six Minute Magazine and will be in their fall issue.


Goggle published The God Bones.


After a summer of story drought, the rain has finally brought some writing out. Or it might be the jogging. Either way, it’s just jolly well nice to get your work out there.


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