Please place your seats in the upright position…(and other news)

I received news that my story was the first of the finalists in the Flybe and Stream Publishing Short Story Competition. That means that if you’re on a flight (on Flybe) some of my words shall accompany you on your journey. I quite like that idea.

What else, I won a scholarship from the SLS competition. I only wish I could afford the rest – writing on safari. How super cool. Oh, well!

The build up to Killing Daniel’s release is starting to kill me! I just want the novel to be out there and read, and to get an idea of the reaction. Crossing of fingers.

Another academic year ends shortly. There is writing to be done (and marking) but mostly, hopefully, writing. I’m hard at work on a new novel called Project Violet. Her Sister’s Killer (the second book) is currently out with publishers. (More crossing of fingers).

Some days I feel like I don’t accomplish much. So much of a writer’s life is spent waiting (and marking) and waiting and being deterred from writing by the still-constant sense of rejection. Nobody tells you that, really. That even when you’re published, the rejection continues and that sometimes the batches of rejection seem to be nodding knowingly at you, like, come on Sarah, isn’t it time to give it up.

And then stuff happens.

I’m also the final writer at Goggle Publishing for 2012. Can’t wait to see the cover, as the ones that have gone before are extremely slick and pertinent to the stories.

Happy travels and hope everyone is writing and reading happily,




9 thoughts on “Please place your seats in the upright position…(and other news)

  1. Wow … there’s a weird coincidence – I was searching for details about the Flybe Uncovered short story competition that closes this month and landed on this page. I thought I recognised your name, and found you’d left a comment on my blog. How strange!

    Good luck in the draw and with your forthcoming book release. Any tips on the kind of think Flybe are looking for?

    • Hi! I did, yes – I saw Nik Perring’s tweet about the book which led me to your blog. The Flybe thing – I was quite surprised with that, so I don’t know! And haven’t seen others they’ve chosen. Speaking for mine, I suppose it was quite a family-oriented story and a bit emotional (I think?). I suppose it has to be something PG. I thought the one I sent would be too descriptive (I like my detail a little too much!) but apparently not. It was half set on a beach, too. Maybe that helped?! Best of luck anyway!

  2. Thanks! That makes sense – I was wondering whether to go down the ‘holiday’ route or not. I suppose they probably get a lot of those. I’m guessing anything with broad appeal and no mention of plane crashes or hijackings has got to be worth a try. The one I read when I saw the competition was written as a letter from a pretty repellent mother to her kid at private school, so I guess an element of travel isn’t compulsory. Still, I think I’ll have a look at their route map and see if inspiration strikes.

    Like you, I find the prospect of my story being part of somebody’s journey appealing.

    And sorry about the ‘think’ typo. What was I thinging?

  3. Hey!
    Well done with your achievements! I too am looking to enter this competition and I was wondering about the submission guidelines, I can’t seem to find any! Does it need to be 1,500 words if that is the maximum amount and do you need to put your nameon your entry?

    Thanks 🙂

  4. Hi
    Just wondering whether you heard who won the laptop in this competition. My story was published in the same competition but credited to someone else and consequently I wasn’t informed (found out by chance as my husband was on one of their flights!). They said they would print a correction in the following magazine but they haven’t. I’m assuming I wasn’t the winner but would be interested to know who was.
    Kind regards

    Heather Reid (not the scottish meteorologist)

    • Hi Heather- how bitter sweet. Lovely to place and be in the magazine, but not with the wrong name! 😦 Shame they didn’t print the correction. I don’t know who won the laptop to be honest – we could email them to ask, although I feel a bit cheeky doing that!…Let me know if you do find out – am curious too.


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