Ee, what a year.

I thought my new cousin was 2 this xmas, when in fact he’s just 8 months old.

It’s been such a long year in terms of change and stuff, and feeling like all that plugging away means you’re finally getting somewhere.

Got a doctorate (but still feel stupid most days)

Quit a job (English and Creative Writing are NOT that similar)

Co-authoring a Study Guide for English and Creative Writing (out in 2013)

Wrote another novel (got no brackets for this one)

First five-years-in-development novel will be published in 2012 (Am I allowed to say this yet? I think so)

Started licking the lids of my boyfriend’s burger buns (not a euphemism) because vegetarianism is starting to hurt

So yes, I sort of feel like I’ve fit 2 years into one and I’m a bit scared about what happens next. But that’s also sort of exciting…

Good luck to everyone next year







4 thoughts on “Ee, what a year.

  1. Good luck with the book. I know what you mean about the time getting squashed together – same for me when I did my Masters. But it was the best thing I ever did.

    And two years after I dropped the meat and fish stuff I succumbed to a Big Mac. I’d had those cravings for so long… and you know? It was disgusting! I threw it away after two mouthfuls. Even though throwing food away is against my religion. Haven’t had cravings since. Recommend Leiths Vegetarian Bible….

    All my book characters are vegetarians too 😉

    • Thanks Jemima! I’ll definitely check out the book. Seriously need some inspiration. My boyfriend, romantic soul that he is, bought me a vegetarian cookbook for Christmas. I do like the look of the cakes in it! 🙂

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